Take the pain out of running your bowls club

BowlsManager is a modern, easy-to-use, web-based bowls club management system, that handles membership, fixtures and competitions

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From chaos to clarity

Times have changed. Our lives are getting busier, and we need good tools that will help us to make informed decisions, with minimal overheads.

Why you need BowlsManager

BowlsManager provides a central, web-based admin system that your club's officers and administrators can use to manage the membership database, fixtures list, and club competitions. The rich suite of reports provide insight into how people are performing, who isn't contributing, mileage payments, tea duties, etc.

Benefits of using BowlsManager

All your data in one place

No more hunting round for bits of paper, trying to find your misplaced fixture book - it's all in a secure database.

Fully hosted solution

There's no software to install, all you need in a modern web browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox), and a broadband connection.

Easy to use

Even fairly novice users can start using BowlsManager with little or no training. Screens are clearly labelled and responsive, and work across devices and browsers.

By bowlers, for bowlers

We're passionate about BowlsManager, because we use it to run our busy club on a day-to-day basis!

Work in progress since 2010

BowlsManager is the brainchild of Peter Colbourne, who bowls at Lindfield BC in Sussex. A bowler since 1994, he realised that team selections are often rather ad-hoc, and a real headache for selectors and captains.

Joining the club's committee made Peter realise that a unified system was badly needed, so that fixures, members and competitions could be managed and updated by anyone in the club. In 2010, Peter (a professional web developer) started work on BowlsManager, which went live in May 2016, and has been added to and enhanced almost every day since.

Pricing information

BowlsManager is offered on an annual licence basis, which covers the cost of the hosting, SSL certificate, and database storage.

The cost of a BowlsManager licence is £365 per year - less than a new set of bowls.

There is a one-off setup charge of £135.

The price includes a new mobile-friendly website, and covers all support costs.

Interested? Drop us a line!

BowlsManager has been operational since 2015, and is constantly being added to and improved.

To register your interest for a demo, send an email to , giving your contact information and club name, and we'll be in touch ASAP.